Sangfor Cloud

Platform Cloud Computing Perusahaan Dibangun di atas HCI yang Berpusat pada Bisnis

Sangfor Cloud adalah penyedia solusi cloud yang inovatif, berkomitmen untuk memberikan solusi dan layanan canggih untuk menghemat waktu dan uang, serta membuat operasi dan manajemen berjalan lancar, fleksibel, aman, dan andal. Sangfor menyediakan solusi yang andal dan kuat seperti infrastruktur hyperconverged (HCI).


Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Sangfor HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure) adalah generasi terbaru arsitektur IT cloud, dibangun di atas teknologi hyper-converged Sangfor yang inovatif dengan infrastruktur IT yang lengkap, kemampuan layanan manajemen O&M dan membawa aplikasi bisnis utama seperti database inti, ERP, sistem keuangan dan sistem produksi.


Platform Cloud Sangfor

Sangfor Cloud adalah solusi transformasi digital yang dibutuhkan perusahaan untuk tetap tahan masa depan, produktif, dan inovatif, dari mana saja dan kapan saja.

Studi Kasus

Tembaga Mulia Semanan

Tembaga Mulia Semanan Tbk (TBMS) was established on February 3, 1977 and started commercial production of copper bars and wires in December 1979 and aluminum bars in April 2001. Tembaga Mulia Semanan also do export for international customer and also to the local market in Indonesia.

Samsung Electronics Indonesia

PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, as one of the branch offices of Samsung, In the field of smart phones and other devices, it has the largest market share for many years, so far, the smart phone from Samsung is still the leader of this market. As well as Hard-drives, LCD-OLED Panels, Home Appliances, and others. In their existing environment, there were 26 HP servers, without any virtualization technology being used. some of them are quite old, but the CPU utilization is extremely low, and they were looking for a better solution to replace their existing servers.

Bank Mestika

PT. Bank Mestika Dharma Tbk established since 1955 is a Private Foreign Exchange Commercial Bank and the only regional bank that has gone public and is listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) with the code BBMD, listing since July 8, 2013. PT. Bank Mestika Dharma Tbk in running its business remains focused on the retail banking business by prioritizing prudential banking principles and good risk management and is supported by professional services by improving service quality.

BKI Indonesia

PT Bureau of Classification Indonesia ( which is engaged in implementing and supporting government policies and programs in the field of economy and national development in general, especially in the fields of classification, certification, consulting and supervision in the marine sector and the service industry in general, so that life safety is guaranteed and objects by applying the principles of an independent Limited Liability Company

Premier Bintaro Hospital

As part of Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care, Premier Bintaro Hospital always strives to continuously improve the quality of services in all fields. It is their responsibility and commitment to prioritize quality health services and clarify the direction of service goals that Premier Bintaro Hospital strives to provide the best health services compared to other health service providers in Indonesia.